Man posting fake video on social media against polio vaccine arrested: Police

PESHAWAR, Apr 23 (APP):PESHAWAR, April 23(APP): The district police arrested the main suspect whose fake video viral on social media against polio vaccination, triggered province-wide violent protest, vandalism in parts of the province during last 24 hours by mischief mongers.

The fake video forced the parents to bring their wards to health facilities across province creating unrest and state of emergency in the hospitals as thousands of people thronged the hospital in sheer panic and fear.

The video posted on social media clearly showing Nazar Muhammad asking the children to lie on the bed in semi-conscious condition at a BHU on the outskirts of Peshawar village Badhber. The video clearly indicated that children were directed to act in a manner they were told to do by the accused who is present in the custody of police.

Nazar Muhammad in his preliminary report before the police confessed that he made the fake video after his son admitted in the hospital for other disease what he claimed was being ignored by the doctors therefore he staged all the drama against the polio vaccination to teach a lesson to the health authorities.
In no time the people of village Badbhber stormed the BHU and ransacked public property and resorted to hooliganism. The police had to call to control the angry mob and controlled the situation. However by the time the protesters inflicted huge losses to the huge building structure of the BHU.

Coordinator Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) Kamran Afridi said that the vaccination was not expired and that it cannot cause reaction. Moreover, Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) had taken notice of the incident and directed to launch investigation into the matter.