Majlis-e-Shoora passes amendment in NITB Bill

ISLAMABAD, Jun 09 (APP): The Joint session of the Parliament on Thursday passed a bill to amend National Information Technology Board.

The core objective of establishment of National Information Technology Board in 2014, through the merger of Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) and Electronic Government Directorate, was to create an organization with technical capacity to promote and integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programs in the Federal Government departments.

However, its existing structure (as an attached department) hampers its ability to harness the latest technical expertise, skill sets and work experience required to deliver on its mandate.

The mandate in itself has been long due for reconsideration as well, keeping in view the evolving nature of ICT technologies.

Through this bill, the reorganization of the NITB (as an autonomous body) would not only enable harnessing the latest solutions ICT’s have to offer, but would also induct and mainstream these technologies in the process of the Federal Government while promoting integration of digital technologies across the country.

The Chair deferred the Protection of Parents Bill-2021 while the Pak University of Engineering and Emerging Technology University Bill, 2022 was not taken up.

The joint session was adjourned to meet again on July 20, 2022 (Wednesday) at 04:00 pm.