Lumpy skin disease causes death of 5903 cattle in KP, 41158 under treatment

PESHAWAR, Sep 20 (APP): The prevailing lumpy skin disease of livestock has caused so far death of around 5903 number of cattle in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while the number of animals under treatment were 41158.

According to latest updates about infectious disease of animal, maximum number of deaths of animals are reported in Kohat district registering 630 followed by Charsadda where 607 number of cattle fell victim to the fatal skin disease.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has around 88,37,227 (more than 8.8 million) number of cattle out of which so far 13,03,399 (1.3 million) number of cattle are vaccinated till September 19. 2022

The total number of cases of illness among cattle is reported in province is 10,4,951 (1.4 million) out of which 57890 are recovered and 41158 are under treatment.

Maximum number of lumpy skin disease in animals were reported in Kurram district with a figure of 9596 followed by Charsadda district which has registered cases of around 8833.

Shangla district has the largest population of cattle calculated as 707845 and the district has so far 781 number of cases of infection.

Battagram has 633418 population of cattle where 1481 number of illness were reported, 44 died, 703 recovered and 734 are still under treatment.

The miseries of dairy sector which was already in crisis due to losses caused by lumpy skin disease is exacerbated by the devastating floods killing 8771 number of animals in the province.