Lukewarm response forces Imran to seek face-saving: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD, May 25 (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Wednesday said Imran Khan was forced to seek a face-saving as his “bloody march” received a lukewarm response from the masses who had completely rejected his politics of chaos, anarchy and unrest.

“The person, who had announced to bring two million people to Islamabad, is now seeking a face-saving. Today, Imran received a message from the public as to why he was thrown out (of PM House) by the Parliament through the no-confidence vote,” she said while addressing a news conference.

Marriyum said the people had always rejected Imran Khan and now nothing different happened with him. He had been again rejected by the masses for doing the politics of destruction, anarchy, violence, abuse and insolence, who had reposed full confidence in the democratically elected government at the same time.

She extended gratitude to the nation for rejecting Imran Khan, who was hell bent on spreading “unrest and anarchy” in the country, as they wanted an end to such politics.

The minister said the people had given their decision in the favour of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who was working tirelessly to uplift the country, revive economy and provide relief to the masses.

“Our nation has announced today that they want economic revival, jobs, end to load-shedding and inflation, development and progress of Pakistan,” she said, adding the country was going through extraordinary times and could not afford chaos, anarchy and unrest.

She drew a comparison between the politics of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Imran Khan. On the one hand, “megalomaniac” Imran Khan wanted to hold the entire country hostage with his agenda of spreading chaos and anarchy, while PM Shehbaz Sharif was striving to reverse the damage caused by the PTI regime.

There were two characters of the construction and destruction in the country, she said, adding the Khadim-e- Pakistan revived the China-Pakistan Karot Hydropower project today to provide cheap electricity to the people, while a person, who ruined the national economy while being into the power for four years and made the people cry over unprecedented inflation, was back on the container to do politics of abuse and threatening.

She said the Karot project was put in the cold storage by the PTI government and an “arrogant” Imran did not bother to spare time to meet the company’s officials despite their repeated requests. It was PM Shehbaz Sharif who heeded to their request and revived the project within no time.

Marriyum said now the journey of progress, development, economic revival and unity had started in the country. Imran Khan needed to understand that the 200 million people of Pakistan wanted the politics of progress and prosperity.

She thanked the media for doing factual reporting and showing as to how the PTI goons had attacked the policemen while following the “devilish plan” of their leadership.

The minister, on behalf of PM Shehbaz, invited the public to celebrate Youm-e-Takbeer on May 28, the day when the country’s defence, despite extreme world pressure, was made impregnable with atomic explosions.

She also asked the people to join Independence Day celebrations in the Federal Capital. The people would now only celebrate and enjoy the journey of progress and development of the country, she added.

She said the “gang of rioters and anarchists” was repeating their drama of 2014 and once again planning to tell “blatant lies” atop the container. Imran Khan could not hold a peaceful protest, as violence and civil disobedience marred his sit-in with digging of graves at D-Chowk Islamabad contrary to his assurances otherwise, she added.

She recalled that it was Imran Khan, who had made a claim of holding a peaceful protest at the time when Chinese President Xi Jinping was scheduled to visit Pakistan for announcing mega projects which would have created massive job opportunities in the country.

However, the nation witnessed as to how Imran had brought “goons” to Islamabad who remained there for 126 days and attacked the state institutions, including the PTV with their dirty clothes hanging on railings at the Constitution Avenue, Marriyum added.

She said the group of “gangsters”, who had incited civil disobedience, attacked policemen and inflicted head injuries to them, and brought the entire Capital to the grinding halt, ultimately left empty hands.

Ironically, the same “group of fascists” ruled the country for the four years and destroyed its economy, snatched away jobs and livelihoods from 6 million youth, left the dollar at Rs 189, deprived the people of sugar, wheat, flour, medicines and gas, further burdened the country with Rs 45,000 billion fresh debt and brought the inflation to 16 percent, she added.

She strongly condemned the decision of Delhi Court in Kasmiri Leader Yasin Malik’s case. His fundamental rights were trampled as he was not provided right to fair trial and free access to consular.

He fought the Kashmir case with bravery and courage and today the Delhi Court failed to respond the queries raised by him, she added.

She said India was not only violating his fundamental rights, but also flouting the universal human rights.

“We reject the decision of Delhi Court and will continue to the case Kashmiris,” she said, pointing out that the matter of Yasin Malik was taken up by Pakistan at the relevant forum on the instruction of PM Shehabaz.

“No agreement had been reached between the Federal Government and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf,” she said, adding a team had been formed for the purpose in the light of the orders of apex court.

The details of agreement, if reached, would be shared with the nation so that those liars could not mislead the people any further, she said.

The minister said the government would protect the life and property amid the current political situation. The government had fulfilled its responsibility of protecting the people today.

Marriyum said any march which was bloody and meant to create anarchy and posed threat to the life and property was not allowed under any constitution and democracy.
Annual exams of students were cancelled and patients could not reach the hospitals for a few hours, but soon the situation returned to the normalcy because the people did not bother to respond to the call of Imran Khan for protest, she added.

The minister said it was important to note that it was Imran Khan who filed the petition to seek a deal with the government and now he was bound to follow the court orders. He would have to face contempt of court if there was any violation of the court’s orders, she said, adding it was not expected from him that he would follow any order or law.

She said the government would implement the apex court’s orders in the letter and spirit.