Linking CPEC with Central Asia, EU part of PM’s economic narrative: Fawad

Linking CPEC with Central Asia, EU part of PM’s economic narrative: Fawad

ISLAMABAD, Sep 22 (APP):Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Wednesday that connecting China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) with Central Asia and European Union was part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s global vision on economic narrative.

Speaking in business conference here, he said that inclusive dispensation in Afghanistan was vital to convert Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision into reality.

He said that India invested heavily in Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan but its investment was wasted as Ashraf Ghani’s government collapsed. He said Ashraf Ghani escaped from Kabul and now he was an absconder. Similarly a former three- time prime minister of Pakistan was also an absconder due to his dishonesty and corruption.

Fawad said that honesty, luck and courage were prerequisite for becoming a leader.
He said many conspiracies had been hatched against Pakistan but by the grace of Allah Almighty Pakistan emerged stronger after every conspiracy.

The minister said 20 years efforts were made to destabilize Pakistan and Ashraf Ghani regime’s only job was to weaken Pakistan. 

He said conspiracies on both eastern and western borders were hatched to weaken Pakistan. However he said that those who hatched conspiracies were weeping while Pakistan has emerged even stronger.

He said that now Pakistan was being consulted for decision making process in the region. This he said was the huge turn of history, huge turn of events.

Pakistan’s input was being taken for formation of inclusive government in Kabul, connecting South Asia with Central Asia and European Union, Fawad said.

The minister said that stable and inclusive dispensation in Kabul was vital and Prime Minister Imran Khan in his interview with BBC last night that inclusion of Tajiks in the Afghan government was crucial. 

He said that Prime Minister during his visit to Tajikistan also asked Tajik President to play his role in this regard as he was revered by Tajiks all over the world. He said that an agreement between Pashtoons and Tajiks was vital for stability in Afghanistan.

 The minister said that Prime Minister had also advised Ashraf Ghani to go for inclusive government but he did not pay heed to his advice and was now an absconder. 

“Pakistan has become a global player in decision making process in the region”, he said. Fawad Hussain said that Pakistan wanted friendly relations with India as well. 

He said Pakistan recently signed two agreements with Uzbekistan for building rail link between Karachi and  Gwadar with  Tashkent via Mazar Sharif and starting truck service to Central Asia. 

He said linking CPEC with Central Asia and European Union was part of the Prime Minister’s vision of global connectivity.  He said with realization of PM’s vision, Pakistan’s status in the region would change with world’s biggest market on one side and second biggest market on the other side.

He said presently hard line Indian government following Hindutva ideology was the hurdle in good relations with India.

He said that Modi known as Butcher of Gujarat came to power on Muslim enmity. He said when a moderate government would come to power in India, Pakistan’s relations with India would improve. He said if Kashmir dispute is resolved, destiny of the region would change.