Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway to help change destiny of Jhelum, connect Kashmir with motorway

ISLAMABAD, Nov 16 (APP):Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhary Fawad Hussain on Tuesday said Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway completion would help change the destiny of Jhelum, besides providing prompt connection to Kashmir with motorway.

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway project, he said the economy of Jhelum and adjacent areas would entirely change after the completion of the dual carriageway.

The dual carriageway would provide prompt connectivity to motorway to motorists of Kashmir, thus saving their precisions time. As right now people of Kashmir have to join motorway from Lahore or Rawalpindi for onward journey to Karachi and other areas of the country.

He said extension of Sialkot motorway to Rawalpindi would benefit people of Chakwal, Jhelum, Mirpur and Gujrat and above all Islamabad. The green areas in Islamabad were fast depleting, the Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway would provide a vast area adjacent to Islamabad.

Virtually, the areas of Jhelum would become suburban areas of the federal capital. He said the Lillah-Jhelum dual carriageway would provide easy access to motorists coming from Kashmir and desiring to join motorway.

He said Jhelum was the area of Shuhada and Ghazis as graveyards of entire area were covered with the fragrance of Shuhada. No past government ever thought about initiating such type of people friendly projects, he remarked. Castigating past governments, he said huge commissions were

demanded for launching various road network projects, besides providing benefits to near and dear ones. The cost of roads being constructed in 2021 was even half as compared to roads constructed in 2017.

The corruption free projects were being executed and no one could point finger on the projects of incumbent government, he said adding, Prime Minister Imran Khan had enhanced the prestige of the area of Jhelum.

Queen of United Kingdom had written a letter to Deputy Commissioner Jhelum in 1906, expressing her desire for constructing Canal along the right bank of River Jhelum, which was virtually completed by Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2020, the minister said.

Thanking Prime Minister Imran Khan for approving the project, he said Imran knew his (minister’s) native areas of Jhelum and Pind Dadan Khan more than he (the minister).

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken concrete steps for bringing an industrial revolution in the country. The PM had also revived construction as well as textile industries.

Due to these steps right now the country’s industry was running at full capacity, farmers were getting maximum price of their crops, he said adding, indeed no such steps had taken before.
  The Prime Minister was struggling to remove the 70-year-old ills of the country, Fawad said.

Imran was only leader of politically sagacious people of Pakistan, having solid vote bank right from Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and from Gwadar to Lahore.

He said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was the only party that urged to develop Pakistan, adding, it had never done politics based on sectarianism and provincialism. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, Azad Kashmir President Barrister Sultan Mehmood, Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi, Federal Minister Asad Umar, elected representatives and a large number of zealous people of Jhelum.