Legislators review federal budget 2023-24

Legislators review federal budget 2023-24

ISLAMABAD, Jun 14 (APP): The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus brought together members of the National Assembly and Senate in a roundtable to review the proposed Federal Budget for 2023-24.

The roundtable provided insight to legislators in order to discuss gender-responsive budget (GRB) proposals in light of Pakistan’s Constitution and its international commitments.

“Development Budget should be allocated to women parliamentarians on an equitable basis in order to address the gender disparity in its real sense”, said Dr. Shahida Rehmani, Secretary of Women’s Parliamentary Caucus while addressing the roundtable.

The roundtable is part of sustained efforts made by the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus to promote gender equality through more fair and effective use of public finances.

Earlier, it launched a GRB Strategy Paper through an inclusive consultative process. The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus has also been actively involved in proposing gender-inclusive budgets in pre-budget meetings of parliamentary committees.

Omar Asghar Khan Foundation and Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre presented findings of its gendered analysis of the Federal Budget FY2023-24, comparisons with preceding budget allocations, and also facilitated this event.

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