ISLAMABAD, June 21 (APP): Legal Experts on Tuesday said
demand of opposition to start investigation into Panama Leaks from Prime Minister seems “unfair” as across the board probe be conducted to reach a logical conclusion.

President, Tehrik Tahaffuz Adaliya (TTA), Hashmat Habib said,
“The opposition has adopted an anti government stance to gain their
vested political interests and they are trying to defame Sharif family by unnecessarily giving hype to the issue through media.”

He said the opposition through its illogical demands was also
trying to save skin of political leaders whose names have been exposed in the Panama leaks and they were holding key positions in opposition parties.

He said the opposition’s demands on ToRs (Terms of Reference)
seemed wrong as neither it has existence in law nor verdicts of superior judiciary support them.

He said there exists laws including Banking, Federal
Investigation Agency (FIA), Income Tax, National Accountability
Bureau (NAB) and anti corruption through which investigation and trial can be conducted in cases such as of Panama Leaks nature.

The courts, he said, also do not intervene in matters relating
to investigations.

Replying to a question, he said the opposition from day one
adopted a wrong path and they pressurized the government to write a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a Commission on Panama leaks but the court returned the request.

He said the cases relating to Panama leaks are of
investigation nature not inquiry related and the investigation agencies of the country can probe the matter. However, he added, the government should not accept the opposition demand for starting investigation on Panama Leaks from the prime minister.

Senior Advocate, Ikram Chaudhry said the revelations in Panama
Leaks are of serious nature and those who established offshore
companies in foreign countries, be investigated in areas such as transfer of funds and their source of investment.

He said it seemed the way both government and opposition were
handling the issue, they would hardly reach any consensus.