Launching ceremony of letters of administration, succession certificates to be held at PM office

ISLAMABAD, Jan 20 (APP): The launching Ceremony for issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates by NADRA will be held at the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday.

According to Law ministry spokesperson Farina mughal, Prime Minister Imran Khan right after assuming office entrusted the Law Minister to overhaul the legal system.

People friendly law reforms were being considered crucial by the new government and the task was of utmost importance, she added.

Federal Law Minister Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem worked assiduously on the assignment to draft bills that were beneficial to common man.

The idea was to ensure justice through people friendly legislation. Process of drafting the legislation was completed within 75 days, long before the completion of 100 days deadline.

One of the most important pieces of legislation that was enacted in this regard was The Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates Act, 2020 (enacted in February 2020).

The Act was crucial to address a common problem faced by the legal heirs of the deceased in the issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates.

Law Ministry has devised a mechanism to establish Succession Facilitation Units in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for the issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates within 15 days of initiation of application by the legal heir/heirs of the deceased.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the initiative tomorrow (January 21) which would enable NADRA to use biometric authentication to issue Succession Certificates and Letters of Administration for the first time in Pakistan.

It normally took 2 to 7 years to get a simple Letter of Administration or Succession Certificate by the courts. Now it will take only 15 days.

Previously all the legal heirs had to be physically present at the courts in Pakistan, now even if legal heirs are absent, the Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates will be issued. Furthermore, the NADRA Database being connected with all the foreign missions, Pakistanis or their legal heirs abroad will be able to get their Letters of Administration or Succession Certificates processed from abroad without the need of being physically present in Pakistan or appearing before the Pakistani Courts.

This will save a lot of expense and time and will release a very onerous burden on the courts.