ISLAMABAD, Dec 26 (APP): Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Senator Pervaiz Rashid Saturday said that lasting peace is impossible in the entire region sans resolving the issue of Kashmir.

Addressing Kashmir Round Table Conference, he said the freedom struggle of Kashmiris is unmatched. No issue could be resolved through static approach.

Success would be brought for Kashmiris by the current leadership. Pakistan would continue its support at all levels.

The country’s economic, law and order situation has improved remarkably due to measures taken by current government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N).

The international rating agencies predicting country’s economic default in 2013-has now started highlighting economic achievements of the government.

Kashmiris must be granted right of self determination, the fact which had already been conceded by then Indian leadership in United Nations.

He said we have to win not only the support of entire world but also make inroads in saner elements having democratic approach and human rights activists of India for achieving the goal of winning right of self determination for Kashmiris.

Had the beginning made in 1999 not been sabotaged, we could have very close to our destination and goal.

We have already tried a number of options for resolving Kashmir issue including war, holding various types of negotiations and raising the issue at various international fora. Human rights violation already committed in 1947-48 are being witnessed in 2015 also.

The struggle of Kashmiris is the story of unmatched sacrifices.

The freedom of held Kashmir is dear to all the people sitting in the conference, he said adding that United Nations had already accepted the grant of self determination to Kashmiris because it is imperative for achieving lasting peace in the region.

In 1999, when then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to Pakistan and said that 1999 was the year of resolution of Kashmir issue.

Kashmir could have been near to their destination had the government of PML-N not toppled.

We should adopt all possible options to resolve Kashmir issue as we all want held Kashmir’s freedom. Right path should be adopted for achieving the goal.

China has improved its relations with Tiawan by creating a lobby there through improving cultural, trade and social relations with the people of Taiwan.

The whole world acknowledges that bloodshed creates problems makes issues more perplexing.

The need for U.N. was felt after the world war. Recently the Indian society showed strong reaction on some actions of extremist elements.

Pakistan would continue supporting Kashmiris.

Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh, former Secretary Foreign Affairs Akram Zaki, leaders of Hurriat Conference Syed Yousaf Naseem and Professor Maqsood Jaffery also addressed the conference.