KPT be modernized in accordance with present day need: Zubair

APP51-29 KARACHI: September 29 – Chairman Karachi Port Trust, Mumtaz Ahmed Shah briefs about the reports to the Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair at Governor’s House. APP

KARACHI, Sept 28 (APP): Governor of Sindh Muhammad Zubair Friday stressed that the Karachi Port be modernized in accordance with the present day need.
He said this while expressing his views during a briefing at
the Governor House here regarding the mega projects and development works pertaining to the Karachi Port Trust.
The chairman of the KPT, Mumtaz Ahmed Shah, gave a detailed briefing on the occasion.
He informed that development works at the KPT are fast going ahead and that short, medium and long term projects have been devised for the purpose.
These, Shah added, included Port Elevated Express, Cargo
Village and Karachi Harbour Crossing Bridge.
The completion of Port Elevated Express would streamline the traffic.
Cargo Village and Karachi Harbour Crossing Bridge span over an area of 1,500 acres and
this includes an industrial park.
The Governor highlighted the significance and location of
Karachi as hub of commercial activities. The KPT and Muhammad Bin
Qasim port are the natural ports of Karachi. KPT accounts for 60
percent of country’s sea trade.
He was of the view that modernization of Karachi Port was
the priority of the government as after the completion of the
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects there would be a
huge increase in the economic activities in Karachi.
Zubair appreciated the steps undertaken by the management of
the KPT and exhorted that it be ensured that there is not delay
in the completion of the expansion and development works.
He pointed out that owing to government’s efforts, the
energy crisis in the country is about to come to an end and more
electricity would be generated that meet the requirement and this
would help enhance economic activities.
Governor said that federal government is focusing on
development of Karachi. Prime Minister has given Rs. 25 billion
Karachi Package. Federal government is also spending Rs. 75
billion on mega projects in the metropolis.

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