PESHAWAR, July 15 (APP): The politicians of mainstream political parties here Friday urged the United Nations and International Community to take notice of the serious human rights violations and use of brutal force against peaceful civilians in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and demanded implementation of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.

Vice Ameer of Jumat e Islami Khyber Pakthunkhwa, Noorul Haq strongly denounced the use of brutal force by Indian troops and police against Kashmiris of the IOK and demanded UN and International Community to take notice of the continued human rights violations and atrocities unleashed by the occupational forces in the held valley.

Noorul Haq said India could not stop people of Indian Occupied Kashmir from their just struggle for independence through use of force; saying time was not away when Kashmiris would get freedom from Indian subjugation.

He said that situation in the held Kashmir was worsening sharply day by day. The UN Security Council has passed several resolutions on Kashmir and time has come for its implementation as it was posing a serious threat to security and peace of the entire region.

Noorul Haq said Kashmiris had been fighting the Indian aggression and brutality for decades and it is the prime responsibility of the world body to fulfill its commitment and pledges by giving the right of self determination to the people of Kashmir.

He said Jumaat e Islami stand by the people of Occupied Kashmir and will continue their moral and political support. To express solidarity with people of occupied Kashmir , He said the JI staged protest demonstration against extra judicial killings in IoK in KPK.

Rahimdad Khan, senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party strongly condemned the use of brutal force against innocent people in Occupied Kashmir and demanded UN to implement its resolutions on Kashmir. He said it was the responsibility of UN and international community to press the Indian government to honor its human rights obligations and its commitments to peacefully resolve the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.
He said brutal assassination of a popular Kashmiri youth leader, Burhan Wani and killing of over 40 deaths has further deteriorated the already tense situation in the held valley.
He said resolution of Kashmir issue was must for durable peace and security of the entire regions. Rahimdad Khan said PPP KP have staged protest demonstrations in the KP against killing of civilians in IOK and vowed to continue the moral and political supporter of Kashmiris.

Ajid Ali Khan, ANP leader said self determination was the right of people of Kashmir as pledged to them by the UN Security Council. He said Kashmir issue could only be addressed through negotiations instead of wars.

He said it was the responsibility of Pakistan foreign missions and National Assembly Committee on Kashmir to highlight the atrocities and human rights violations of occupational forces in IOK and just struggle of Kashmirs in very effective manner.

The ANP leader urged the Pakistan government to immediately convene the session of the parliament to take stock of the matter in the occupied Kashmir and to convoy a message by adopting a unanimous resolution expressing strong bonds and solidarity with the embattled Kashmiris so that the world community’s conscious could be awaken.