ISLAMABAD, April 10 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan while stressing for resolving the longstanding Kashmir dispute through dialogue Wednesday said the settlement of this issue would have tremendous benefits of peace in the subcontinent.

“…There is only one difference [between India and Pakistan] which is Kashmir. It has to be settled. Kashmir issue cannot keep on boiling like it is,” he said in an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

“Because anything happening in Kashmir [Indian Occupied Kashmir] – through a reaction to the oppression that is taking place in Kashmir – it would be palmed off on Pakistan, we would be blamed and tensions would rise as they have risen in the past,” the prime minister told the BBC, which also posted a clip of the interview on its website.

Highlighting the importance of resolving Kashmir dispute for peace in the region, he said, “If we [India and Pakistan] settle Kashmir, benefits of peace are tremendous in the subcontinent.”

When asked as to what message, he would like to send to the government and people of India, the prime minister said, “The number one task of the two governments should be how are we going to reduce poverty, and the way we reduce poverty is by settling our differences through dialogue….”