Joining wedding event in Pakistan unforgettable: Chinese expert

LAHORE, Sept 11 (APP): Pakistan’s culture, social life and strong family system especially the wedding cleberations are very much attractive.
Sun Lizhou, a scholar, a CPEC business consultant and the executive director of the Institute of Himalaya Studies, said this while talking to APP on Sunday.
He said that he led a 15-day tour of investigation to Pakistan, taking entrepreneurs from Beijing and Guangdong to look for cooperation opportunities of cross-border electronic commerce and footwear industry in Pakistan.
“Probably my most interesting experiences in Pakistan were attending local weddings. The first time I attended a wedding ceremony in a local hotel. It was an unforgettable event,” he comments.
Another wedding he attended was in a wedding hall in Rawalpindi.
“Since I was the only foreigner there, my local friend showed me around and took me to greet the bride and the bridegroom and female guests, who were all on the second floor. Then we went downstairs where people were in Pakistani traditional dresses,” he said.
He also received a wedding ceremony invitation on an aeroplane from Abu Dhabi by a young man from FATA.
Sun Lizhou said for decades the two countries have helped each other and made progress together. They have a role to facilitate peaceful development in the world.
He said that he truly wish the friendship between the two countries to strengthen further.
Chinese feel Pakistan is their second home and there is no reality in the concerns about security in Pakistan, he said.
“Along with two Chinese friends I visit Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities. We went to museums and talked with local people in bazaars and fishing ports. During the whole visit, we felt very safe and never asked the local police for protection or hired any security guard,” he said.
Sun Lizhoue said that the friendship between China and Pakistan has been rooted in people’s minds.
“It’s true when I’m saying that I can feel the existence of friendship between China and Pakistan in any place and at any time.
“Many times when I stroll in the streets of Pakistan, I see people throwing friendly smiles on me. Various people invite me to their workplaces, or cafes for a cup of tea or a meal,” he added.
“To get a first hand knowledge whether Pakistan is a safe place for Chinese, I did some research and concluded that that no death of Chinese had been caused due to violent attacks in Pakistan.”