Islamabad’s Administration establishes designated support desks for overseas Pakistanis: SAPM

jawad sohrab

ISLAMABAD, Sep 25 (APP): Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) for Overseas Pakistani Jawad Sohrab Malik on Monday said that Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA) has established designated support desks for Overseas Pakistanis to provide multiple essential civic facilities with ease through One Window Operation.

On the special instruction of Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwar Ul Haq Kakar the Capital Development Authority’s special desk will assist with the transfer of residential plots, approval of building designs, issuance of completion certificates, payment of annual property tax, and quarterly payment of water supply and other miscellaneous payments for Overseas Pakistanis, SAPM said.

Jawad Sohrab Malik said that the government has established new support desks for overseas Pakistanis. The support desks will offer a wide range of services, including assistance with housing, property taxes, and other government services. The goal of the support desks is to make it easier for Overseas Pakistanis to access government services and to increase their trust in the government.

Jawad Malik further said that the official staff from all relevant agencies including CDA, Revenue Department, and Islamabad Police will be present at the support desks to assist and guide Overseas Pakistanis.

SAPM said that the designated support desks services will be extended to other institutions at the federal and provincial levels that offer services to Overseas Pakistanis. This means that overseas Pakistanis can access a wide range of services at the support desks, from all levels of government.

This significant move is expected to increase the trust that Overseas Pakistanis have in the government, adding said it will also help to make it easier for Overseas Pakistanis living to access government services with ease.

The support desks are located in ICT’s Offices at G-11/4 and CDA’s building at G-7/2 Islamabad, which will be open to all Overseas Pakistanis, regardless of where they live in the world.

Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon said that Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA) has introduced an online feature for applying and verification of International Driving Permit (IDP) to make government services more accessible and user-friendly for overseas Pakistanis and residents. He also encouraged the overseas Pakistanis to take advantage of the City App to access a variety of other services online.

The benefits of the new online procedure, Convenience: the overseas Pakistanis can now apply for and verify IDPs from the comfort of their own homes. The new procedure is expected to reduce the time it takes overseas Pakistanis to obtain an IDP, while the online verification process will make it easier to identify fake IDPs.

The new online procedure for IDP application and verification is a welcome development that will make the process more convenient and efficient for overseas and residents of Islamabad. It is also a positive step towards making government services more accessible and user-friendly, he added.

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