ISKP building unholy alliances to prolong stay in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (APP): Following the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, the peace spoilers including Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) have been struggling for their survival in the country thus building unholy alliances to achieve their wicked designs.

The hostile intelligence agencies had created ISKP against Taliban regime as they wanted to prolong stay of extra regional forces’ in Afghanistan.

Considering the ISKP’s attack in various parts of Afghanistan as an attempt to create mistrust about Taliban, the analysts called for Taliban government and all regional states to start an effective campaign to undercut ISKP’s presence in the region.

Though the US allied forces had been pulled out from Afghanistan but ISKP still exist the war-torn country carrying out terrorist activities against Taliban.

The analysts believed that the Taliban would have to handle ISKP with the coordination of other states as the spoilers could destabilize the region.

In fact the ISKP considers Taliban as an irreconcilable enemy which necessitated to be defeated militarily.

The group has been under pressure following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, so it had built alliance with hostile intelligence agencies like RAW to get anti-Taliban support.

As the spoilers of peace are destabilizing the region for their vested interest, Taliban are expected to eliminate the emerging threat of ISKP along with HIAs in Afghanistan.

The analysts also called for the engagement between the international and regional states with Taliban for their counterterrorism campaign against ISKP in order to achieve a durable peace.

Since the return of US troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan had been providing humanitarian assistance to Taliban but instead of recognition, the peace spoilers are negatively projecting these humanitarian gestures.