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IRCRA launches ‘Azadi Fellowship Program’ to promote religious freedom, democracy across nation

By Rehan Khan

ISLAMABAD, May 19 (APP): The International Research Council for Religious Affairs (IRCRA) has announced the launch of the Azadi Fellowship Program, hosted at the Islamic Research Institute (IRI) of the International Islamic University in Islamabad (IIUI).

The highly anticipated program commenced on May 17 and will run until May 25, 2024, spanning a total of nine days.

Speaking to the media, IRCRA President Muhammad Israr Madani explained that the Azadi Fellowship Program is designed to engage over 20 community youth and faith leaders, university and madrasa graduates, teachers, writers, and scholars from across the nation.

This year, he said the fellowship will focus on enhancing participants’ understanding of religious freedom, democracy, and civic engagement. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to implement seed projects in their respective communities, fostering real-world impact, he added.

Israr stated that IRCRA has partnered with the Muslim Council of Elders, Paigham-e-Pakistan, KPCVE, and IRI-IIUI for this initiative.

He mentioned that the program will feature a series of sessions led by esteemed national and international speakers and experts, providing a dynamic and enriching learning environment adding that participants will benefit from a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills aimed at fostering leadership and community engagement.

“We are thrilled to inaugurate the Azadi Fellowship Program, as this initiative represents our commitment to promoting religious freedom and democratic values in Pakistan. We believe that by empowering young leaders and scholars, we can make significant strides towards a more inclusive and engaged society,” Israr affirmed.


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