Int'l Mountains day to be marked tomorrow

ISLAMABAD, Dec 10 (APP): Like other parts of the globe, the International Mountains day will be marked on December 11 (Friday) including Pakistan which aims to draw attention to the important roles that mountainous regions play in water and food supply.

Various activities would be organized on and around International Mountain Day.

These aim to increase awareness of and knowledge around the role of mountains and mountainous regions amongst the general population and professionals.

Particular examples of events are: book fairs, symposia, themed lectures for students, workshops and press events.

Mountaineering and explorations societies may hold lectures and social events on or around December 11.

The International Year of Mountains was held in 2002 and with the aim of raising awareness and triggering action on issues relating to sustainable mountain development. The leading agency was the Food and Agriculture Organization.

The International Year of Mountains was launched at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York on December 11, 2001.

On December 20, 2002, as the International Year of Mountains drew to a close, the UN designated December 11 as International Mountain Day and encouraged the international community to organize events to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development on this date.

International Mountain Day was first observed on December 11, 2003.

Each year International Mountain Day has a particular theme. Previous themes have focused on freshwater, peace, biodiversity or climate change.