International Education Expo to be held on Nov 20

International Education Expo to be held on Nov 20

ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (APP):An international education expo will be held on November 20 (Sunday) at the private hotel where students will find opportunities to study abroad in top-ranked universities including Australia, Canada UK, USA and Germany.

According to the organizers, students interested in studying abroad would meet the staff for one on one sessions to explore study options and find eligibility.

The students will get an opportunity to meet with expert counsellors and official representatives of foreign universities and get details about admissions, scholarships, and visa information for the upcoming 2022 intakes.

In the complementary study fair, students would be able to select the courses and would get on-the-spot admissions and scholarship assessments.

Students would also be able to compare, explore and apply to top-ranked universities’ groups such as Russel Group, G8, Ivy League, U15, or TU9.

Organizers have encouraged also participation of the parents in this fair to help their kids in taking this important decision in their careers.

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