ISLAMABAD, Jan 24 (APP):Spokesman to Prime Minister Nadeem Afzal Chan Thursday said all national institutions should be revamped to create job opportunities and provide relief to the masses.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was making stronger national institutions to yield desirous results, he said talking to PTV.
He said all institutions were working independently for promotion and projection of the country.
When PTI government came into power, he said institutions were not profitable due to redundant policies of the last Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government. “We are taking gigantic steps to stable the national institutions.”
He said the previous Punjab government had taken loans in construction of Metro Bus and Orange Line Train. The PTI government had adopted austerity measures to save national wealth but the last PML-N government had misused powers and used more protocol as compared to us, he added.
To a query, he said the PTI government had given relief to businessmen, traders and farmers in the Finance Supplementary Budget 2019 which was hailed by all segment of the society.
Nadeem Chan said the government was taken steps to broaden tax net and tax had been imposed on luxury items.
He said loans would be provided to farmers through banking system. It was our target to promote cotton industry to produce hefty cotton, he said and adding that incentives would also be given to cotton farmers.