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India’s protesting farmers bust ‘shootout plot’ to disrupt tractor parade on Republic day

APP DigitalISLAMABAD, Jan 23 (APP): Indian farmers have busted a conspiracy to disrupt their announced tractor parade on upcoming Republic Day, after they nabbed a masked man tasked to assassinate their four farmer leaders.

The farmers at the Singhu border protest site presented a person at a press conference late Friday, who claims to be a part of two teams assigned to shoot four farmer leaders and cause disruption in the protest on January 26.


The masked man admitted that his team members were asked to pose as policemen and baton-charge on the crowd if things go out of control during the January 26 tractor parade. He also named police officials involved in the plan.

The man, who was asked to speak at the press conference said that his team was to be at the farmers gathering in police uniforms and disrupt the rally. The media were also shown a photograph of four people, who were to be shot. He also mentioned the person who gave the directions to carry out the plan was a cop.

The person claimed to have been there at the protest site since January 19. He also said they were tasked to find out whether protesters were carrying arms.

“For January 26, the plan was that our other team members would mingle with the protesters. And if the protesters approach with their parade, then we were asked to fire shots at them,” the man said.

Indian farmers arrest masked man planning to disrupt Republic Day protest
Indian farmers arrest masked man planning to disrupt Republic Day protest

He said, “During the protests on January 26, the farmers will first be given a warning by the police and if they do not stop, then the plan is to shoot them in their knee first. Then our team of 10 will shoot from behind to make it look like the farmers have resorted to using firearms in Delhi,” he said.

The man has been handed over to the Haryana Police and has been taken to Kundli Police Station for questioning.

Meanwhile according to India Today a scuffle breaks out between farmers and Police as the latter try to stop them from marching to Raj Bhavan in Dehradun, in protest against farm laws.


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