India used Afghan soil to perpetrate terrorism against Pakistan: Dr Moeed

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP):National Security Advisor Dr Moeed Yusuf on Saturday said India orchestrated hoax narrative and used Afghan soil to perpetrate terrorism against Pakistan. The National Security Advisor wrote in his article published in the British online newspaper ‘The Independent’ said Pakistan has always supported dialogue and political settlement to end the war in Afghanistan, and was badly affected by war in Afghanistan. The NSA raised the question of whether the world would repeat the mistake of leaving Afghanistan and the region. He wrote in his article, “We lost over 80,000 innocent lives and bore the burden of over US $150 billion economic losses.” It was the collective responsibility of the international community to avoid creating a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Dr Moeed Yusuf said. The Taliban, he added, has signaled to work with the international community, where the international community should coordinate its efforts. The international community should move forward with consensus with the major powers and Afghanistan’s close neighbors, Dr Moeed Yusuf said.