India should learn value of peace from Pakistan: President Alvi

APP23-26 LAHORE: April 26 - President Dr. Arif Alvi addressing during the National Interfaith Peace Conference. APP photo by Rana Imran

LAHORE, Apr 26 (APP):President Dr Arif Alvi Friday suggested Indian leadership to learn the value of peace from Pakistan, besides respecting and protecting minorities living within its territorial boundaries.

Addressing “National Interfaith Peace Conference” held at a local hotel on Friday, the President said that during the period of tension between the two neighbouring countries every Pakistani was talking in favour of peace, whereas hatred was being promoted within India.

“We are proud of our leadership especially Prime Minister Imran Khan”, President said and adding that he (prime minister) fully knows how to take care of minorities as ensured in the constitution.

President said that Pakistan has emerged stronger while dealing with terrorism, whereas India learnt nothing from the complex situations it was facing on its soil.

Expressing his apprehension, he said that unrest in India would affect Pakistan, adding that “sectarian or religion based hatred” in India could get out of control if not handled with sagacity and wisdom.

President Dr Arif Alvi said that religion was never responsible for terrorism or unrest anywhere as every religion proclaims peace and love.
“What I learnt from the study of different religious schools of thought is that humans have always fought for their ego and used the name of any religion as a tool,” he added. He regretted that hatred was found in human psyche.
Quoting Holy Prophet (PBUH), he said that Islam orders forgiving others and forbids backbiting, which forms basis of hatred. “Nowadays, the social media has become a big source of backbiting and rumouring,” he added.
The president said that when anything was shared without context, it helped promote hatred in society. He said that millions of people were killed in World War-I, and the human generation learnt the value of peace only after they fought another world war in which millions of people were killed again.
“These wars were not fought on the basis of religion, but for personal egos” he added. He said that a true leadership was needed to promote peace and harmony in society”. “The prime minister of New Zealand is an example of true leadership,” he added. He said that he had offered Pakistan’s cooperation for peace in Sri Lanka in his phone call to Sri Lankan president for condolence. “I told him that we (Pakistanis) faced pain of terrorism more than any other country,” he added.
The president said that hatred would never be tolerated in Pakistan as followers of all religions enjoy equal rights in the country.
About the Kashmir issue, President Alvi said that Kashmiris were struggling for freedom of their land and they have sacrificed offer their lives for the cause, but would never accept occupation of their land.
He said that Pakistan was now a new Pakistan where followers of every religion work for peace in the country. “No doubt, Pakistani government is responsible for maintaining harmony, but at the same time, it is also a responsibility of leaders of all religious and political schools of thought to take measures for ensuring peace,” he added.
He said that it was a golden period for Pakistan to promote peace as today’s generation knew the price of peace very well.
MNA Shanila Raut, Hindu religious leader Haroon Dayal, Bishop of Peshawar Humphrey Sarfaraz Peter, Sikh leader Bishon Singh, Bahai leader Dr Romani Mughredi, Bishop of Lahore Sebestian Francis Shaw and Muslim scholar Abdul Khabir Azad addressed the conference.
Later, the president lit the ‘candle of peace’ in the conference.