Imran must apologize to Maryam for levelling baseless allegation: Dar

ISLAMABAD, July 2 (APP): Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq
Dar on Saturday said it had been established that Maryam Nawaz was not responsible for the Lahore incident so PTI Chairman Imran Khan must

tender an apology to her keeping in view ethical and Islamic values.
“Now when the facts have come to surface and it has been
established that at the hands of which personality the sister of Imran Khan had to face inconvenience, he must apologize to Maryam Nawaz, keeping in view the Islamic and moral values,” Dar said in a statement.

Rejecting the allegation of Pakitan Tehreek i Isaf (PTI) chief
holding Maryam Nawaz responsible for the incident, the Finance Minister
said Imran Khan habitually reacted to any incident just on the basis of heresay and without proper investigation.

He advised being the head of a political party, Imran Khan must
adopt a responsible attitude. Besides spending some time with his sons, Imran Khan must also spend some time with his daughter so that he may feel respect, affection and feelings of daughters.

He said Maryam Nawaz was a daughter of the nation and saying something about her without investigation was very irresponsible and deplorable.

Dar said Imran Khan must decide now whether he would continue his newly established partnership with a party, the personality of which
made her sister to face inconvenience. He must also decide whether he would be launching a campaign against that party after Eid as he planned to do so in case of Pakistan Muslim League.

“Let’s see what he does or he takes a U turn like in the past and makes another example of unprincipled politics,” Dar added.