Imran Khan bent upon dividing nation with his ‘anti-state agenda’: Rana Sanaullah

Imran Khan bent upon dividing nation with his 'anti-state agenda': Rana Sanaullah
Imran Khan bent upon dividing nation with his 'anti-state agenda': Rana Sanaullah

ISLAMABAD, Sep 28 (APP): Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday alleged said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was bent upon dividing the nation as part of his ‘anti-state agenda’, which would be nipped in the bud.

Addressing a press conference after the Federal Cabinet meeting, he said a power hungry Imran Khan was creating anarchy and chaos in the country and the audio leak had fully exposed him before the nation.

His so-called foreign conspiracy narrative of his removal from the prime minister office had been done and dusted as Imran Khan could be heard in the audio clip asking Azam Khan (his principal secretary) to use the ‘cypher’ for political motives, the minister added.

The audio clip, which also played during the press conference, showed how the PTI chief misled the people at the cost of national interests, Rana Sanaullah remarked.

The minister said Imran Khan misguided students in his address at the Government College University, Lahore that his government was ousted through a foreign conspiracy, but his leaked audio revealed the real story. He was voted out from the Prime Minister House through a constitutional way.

Imran Khan, being ‘power hungry’, was cheating the people as evident from his another speech, in which he tried to incite the masses for marching on Islamabad, he alleged.

The minister said the country’s economy and political culture was destroyed during the Imran Khan led government, while Pakistan was also isolated at international level. Even his allies left him for the politics of indecency pursued by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief and his poor performance on economic front.

He said ironically, Imran Khan spoke of the foreign conspiracy when his allies parted their ways with him. “If had some moral courage then he should approach the Supreme Court for an inquiry into his own audio leak like that of his persistent demand for probe into the so-called foreign conspiracy.

The government would ensure forensic audit of the audio while the media and civil society organizations should also check its veracity, he added. The national interests were at stake due to the person, who was working on a ‘hidden agenda’ or ‘agenda of his masters’, the minister alleged.

Responding to queries of the journalists, Rana Sanaullah said no one would be allowed to have political point scoring, and those involved in harming the national interests would be exposed. The ‘mastermind of conspiracy drama’ was Imran Khan and “we will have to get rid of such anti-state elements”, he added.