IHC clubs petitions against FIRs of Sh. Rasheed, Javed Latif

Contempt case against Imran Khan adjourned till next week

ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (APP): The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday clubbed the petitions against registration of FIRs against AML’s leader Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, PML-N’s Javed Latif, secretary information and others for hearing together.

The court instructed the additional attorney general, additional attorney general, vice chairman Islamabad Bar Council and Prosecutor General Punjab to submit their comments in written form till next date.

The bench remarked that if someone committed crime or crossed the red line he should be awarded punishment and questioned that whether an FIR could be registered in other cities if an incident occurred in Islamabad.

Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri heard the aforesaid cases. During the course of proceeding, the additional attorney general prayed the court to grant time for submission of answer against the questions raised by the bench.

Advocate General Jahangir Jadoon said that the words used by Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed couldn’t be even repeated here. He said that an FIR should be registered at the place where the certain incident took place.

Amicus curiae and vice chairman IBC Aleem Abbasi argued that no province had authority to register an FIR on an incident happening in federal capital.

Punjab’s prosecutor general said that FIRs were registered against Javed Latif in Lahore and Peshawar, adding that first FIR could be registered anywhere in the country.

Prosecutor General Sindh argued that this court had no authority to terminate the FIRs of the other provinces as per the article 199 of the constitution.

The first FIR registered anywhere on a matter would be operational only, he said, adding that the practice of registration of FIRs in various cities on same charges could be struck down. However, if different sections were applied in FIRs on same incident then it could have different grounds and impacts, he argued.

He contended that the times and places were different in FIRs registered against Sheikh Rasheed in Islamabad and Murree. There was difference in FIRs of Lasbela and Mochko, he said, adding that FIR was registered against Sheikh Rasheed in Karachi due to his remarks in Poly Clinic Hospital. The complainant had listened Sheikh Rasheed’s statement in Karachi.

The court questioned that how an FIR could be registered in other city if a person talked in federal capital. Prosecutor General Sindh said that whatever the location of the incident, the first FIR would be operational.

The investigation officer of Lahore Police informed the bench that the FIRs against Mian Javed Latif, secretary information and MD PTV had been cancelled and report was yet to be presented to the relevant court. The IO of Peshawar police said that the FIR against Mian Javed Latif had been shifted to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). At this, the court served notice to DG FIA and instructed him to present a senior official on next hearing.

The court adjourned hearing on all petitions till March 20, after clubbing them.

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