ISLAMABAD, Jan 31 (APP):Assistant Professor of Information Technology University of Lahore and a well known historian Dr. Yaqoob Khan Bangash on Friday criticized a recent legislation in India as deplorable and said Pakistan should lead the change in the region by showing the path to inclusiveness.

He was addressing a seminar organized by Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), in
collaboration with Information Technology University of Lahore on β€œCitizenship Rights
(Nationality) in the Mirror of Fundamental Rights”.

The seminar was addressed and attended by the lawyers, journalists, representatives
of student and civil society.

Executive Director of Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) Peter Jacob said that mostly
different forms of discrimination, on the basis of gender, race and religion, formed a
co-relation and added the issued ought to be tackled in the collective form.

Appreciating the government initiative to open the Kartarpur Corridor, Peter Jacob
said that the government was utilizing an opportunity to bring peace and people of
region together.

Addressing the seminar, law expert Usama Malik said that an egalitarian basis of
citizenship was incorporated in the international law, adding the Article 14 and 16 of
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights acknowledged the right of a person to
have and change its nationality, besides Articles 24 and 25 accorded this right to
every child.

He pointed out the application of right to citizenship and right to change citizenship
remained purely a domestic domain and different standards were practiced in different

A Journalist, Wajahat Masood recalled the some events in history of Pakistan that
were an expression of identities on the basis of language and religion.

He sressed that in the constitution of Pakistan and laws categorized citizens by way of providing two sets of rights.

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