ISLAMABAD, Dec 17 (APP):Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti on Sunday strongly condemned the Quetta blast on Sunday and expressed condolences with the victims.
In an exclusive interview with a private news TV channel , Balochistan Minister Sarfraz Bugti has confirmed that the church was the target of the militants.
He further said that two suicide bombers stormed the church, one of whom was shot dead at the entrance of the church.
The other suicide bomber blew himself up inside the church, he said, adding that security and rescue personnel were focusing on getting medical aid to the injured as soon as possible.
Bugti said the suicide bombers were also reportedly carrying weapons. FC and police personnel shot one of them dead before he could enter the church.
The minister said around 300-400 people are usually present in the church on Sundays.
Minister said such heinous acts of terrorists could not weaken our determination, adding that terrorists ambitions will not be succeeded.