History will never forget world’s ‘criminal silence’ over Israel’s Gaza genocide: Nilofar

History will never forget world's 'criminal silence' over Israel's Gaza genocide: Nilofar
ISLAMABAD, Nov 12 (APP):Chairperson National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) Nilofar Bakhtiar has said that history will never forget the criminal silence of the world’s leading human rights leaders on the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.
Addressing the International Conference on ‘Women in Islam: Status and Empowerment’ jointly organized by the OIC and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah on Wednesday, she said Israel’s ongoing attacks in the Gaza Strip were a huge political and humanitarian disaster.
The NCSW chairperson said the Palestinian people were facing indescribable pain. More than 7,700 Palestinians had been killed and over 19,740 injured and that number was increasing. About 2,400 or 66 percent were the children among the total dead, she added.
Nilofar said schools and hospitals were being bombed the the blockade (of the Gaza Strip) has been tightened.
She said the Israeli occupation meant enslaving the Palestinian people, with brutalities, illegal detentions, imprisonment and extrajudicial executions.
She said Israel’s continuous occupation of Palestinian territories and the mistreatment of Palestinians was a question mark on the “sleeping conscience” of the powerful people of the world.
She criticized the international community for not taking adequate measures to stop the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.
She regretted that some member countries of the United Nations tried to Justify the Israeli aggression. How could the indiscriminate bombing of the entire population (of Gaza) be called a defensive operation with the vague aim of destroying Hamas, she questioned.
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