ISLAMABAD, Dec 20 (APP):Special Assistant on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza Friday said that Ministry of health and Population Welfare Department jointly would soon launched a massive education media awareness drive specially in the remote areas of the country to control the rising population growth rate.

Talking to private news channel, Dr Zafar Mirza expressed that population ratio increasing at global level including Pakistan and a door to door birth control drive was needed to make people well educated on this issue.

He mentioned that like other fields of social life, planning was also utmost important for family life and we could pave way for a bright future for our upcoming generations by adopting family planning.

He pointed out that over population caused unemployment and poverty.

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He informed that incumbent government of PTI was utilizing all available resources to devise a comprehensive plan regarding population control.

He stressed the need for family planning and a healthy mother created a healthy society.
Dr Zafar Mirza urged media to play their active role in sensitizing public on family planning and population control.

Mirza said that it is important to link population policies with other policies related to improvement in health, education and women empowerment.

He said that the health and population sectors have been integrated at the federal level. He said family planning services will be made available to the people at the primary healthcare level.

Dr Zafar said there is dire need to bring change in the mindset of the people about family planning as has been done in some other Islamic countries.

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He said it is the first time both ministry of health and Population welfare department are working jointly for the purpose to control rising population rate in the country where meetings are continued in different provisional levels.

He stressed these media campaigns would raise awareness amongst women regarding family planning which can also address other health issues of women.

He said the people should also support government’s initiatives towards that end.

The special assistant said that a national task force on population has been established and his task force will formulate a national action plan on population.