ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): Federal Minister for Religious Affairs
and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Wednesday said the Hajj
operation 2015 that had started on August 16, shall culminate on Octrober 28, with the arrival of last Hajj flight from the Holy Places.
Addressing a press conference, he said large number of Hujjajs die
every year due to health and other problems. A total 93 people died in 2013 and 87 in 2014 while during current year 97 people died natural death.
The total death toll had increased due to Mina tragedy and crane
incident adding that six hujjajs and 16 work permit holders died on
September 11 in crane accident. Another incident in Mina occurring during September, effected the whole Hajj operation.
The minister said after the Mina incident the religious ministry had
established a help line for facilitation and information of the people. Maximum information about Hujjajs and Work Permit holders were received through this help line.
He added, the search of missing people was continued with the help of
Foreign office in Hajj operation office of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and 1310 people were found safe.
During survey from the hospitals of Makkah and Mina’ the names of
seven people were included in the same death list as it was later corrected after the report of Al Noor hospital which said that these people had died natural death.
The minster said Religious Ministry now wants to separate the lists
of Hajj visa Holders and Work Permit holders from its website to provide the compensation to the injured and died Hujjaj.
He said during Hajj operation 2015, 185 people died including 82 in
Mina, out of whom 26 were from government Hajj Scheme and 56 Private Hajj scheme. In crane tragedy total five people died out of whom two had proceeded there under the government Hajj Scheme and four through Private scheme.
Providing details of Pakistani work permit holders, he said, total 30
died in Mina out of whom 17 in Mina, six in Crane and seven due to natural death.
He further said, total three pilgrims were found missing in Mina and
two injured.
He requested to the hairs of the dead and injured Hujjaj to submit
their applications with particulars, for compensation whose name are listed in the religious ministry website.
Describing the ratio of compensation, he told that Rs 0.5 million will
be paid to families of those who died natural death, in road accident and due to suffocation and Rs 50,000 to disabled from one leg and Rs 0.1 million to disabled from both legs, while Rs 0.3 million in case of death due to any disease.
Injured people can also submit their applications and new lists would be
uploaded on the website, he said. A total 1,433,36 Hujjaj performed Hajj from Pakistan and the whole nation was grieved after Mina and crane incidents and the Prime Minister had announced the compensation for injured and dead, according to insurance policy.
Answering a question about irregularities of Khudam ul Hujjaj, he said
all hujjaj offered Hajj according to prescribed criteria as hardship quota was also granted according to its criteria and no one was sent there after favoritism.
The minster said that first time balloting was conducted in 2015 Hajj
while in past this quota was being given on first come first serve basis.