ISLAMABAD, Jan 9 (APP):Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan Project (GSPMPP) will help improve the economic development, promote socio-economic activities at district level and transform the Gwadar into a prosperous city.“The project will reveal the power generation potential, formulate reasonable development strategies, push forward practical industrial plans, improve the business environment, attract foreign investments and group industries, and provide opportunities to Gwadar economic development,” according to a document shared by the Chinese embassy here. 

The project will integrate the sea port with industries to constitute a collaborative city development to achieve the overall development of the region.

The master plan project will help improve the social environment and security condition and make Gwadar a socially harmonious city, besides formulating suitable social security policies; promoting the healthy development of local community, it said.

The project will help improve the ecological environment, and make it an ecologically sound city. In the master plan, environmental protection will be emphasized, especially for the coastal areas where green technologies will be applied actively for municipal development and building better ecological environment.

The Gwadar smart port city master plan project is located in Gwadar with a planning area of 1,193 km2. Gwadar is the gateway linking the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The city is the southern starting point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

In order to promote the cooperation between China and Pakistan, and to ensure that the master plan of Gwadar meets the consensus and benefits in the CPEC, given that the request from government of Pakistan, the Chinese Government agrees to use grant for this project.

This project is important for the development of social-economic and infrastructure construction of Gwadar, the document said. 

As Gwadar is an important sector of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), scientific planning on the basis of the top-level design will help Gwadar to become a bench-mark city in the CPEC projects. 

The project will promote the sustainable development of Gwadar, even the entire Pakistan. The project will be a guide to the construction and the development of Gwadar on modern lines, it added.