APP67-29 ISLAMABAD: January 29 - Federal Minister for Interior Brig (Retd) Ijaz Ahmad Shah ina meeting with British Airways delegation led by Deputy British High Commissioner Richard Crowder at the Ministry of Interior. APP

ISLAMABAD, Jan 29 (APP):Minister for Interior Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah Wednesday said the government wanted to improve Pakistan’s image at the international level with a positive message before the world.

During a meeting with delegation of British Airways led by Deputy High Commissioner Richard Crowder, he welcomed the positive response from the delegation regarding provision of security to the foreign airline, a press release said.

The primary purpose of the meeting was that the delegation wanted to register their thanks for the security measures taken so far to help their operations in Pakistan.

They thanked the Ministry of Interior, Civil Aviation Authority, Airport Security Force (ASF) and police to ensure security and patrolling around Islamabad Airport.

It was pertinent to mention here that the British Airways had resumed their flights in June 2019 after almost a decade of being non operational in Pakistan.

The minister said it was overwhelming to see that efforts of the present government to ensure security arrangements have turned out to be fruitful.

He said the government was ready to cooperate at all levels to increase the inclination of people to travel across Pakistan and increase number of immigration counters in this regard.

“We hoped that we can expand the flight operations to other cities as well,” he added.

The minister said the British delegation reinforced that they have not faced any problem in operating over seven months and hoped that cooperation would continue in the future.

Resuming flight operations by British Airways was a huge progress for Pakistan in 2019. The successful execution of operations and ensuring security was one of the biggest achievements of the Ministry of Interior, he added.