ISLAMABAD, Dec 30 (APP):The Federal Government would provide an amount of Rs 12 billion to Azad Jammu and Kashmir in terms of net
hydel profit like other federating units to strengthen financial position of the AJK state.

The government has agreed in principle to provide share from the net hydel profit to Azad Kashmir and accordingly a summary has been finalized for the approval, which would be presented in the next meeting of
the cabinet meeting, said Acting Chief Secretary of the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Dr Asif Hussain.
Briefing a group of Islamabad-based journalists during their visit to different infrastructure development
projects including roads and bridge funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and executed by the
Communication and Works Department (C&WD), he said that the indigenous resources of the AJK government
were very limited and all the financial needs were fulfilled by the federal government.
He said due to financial constraints, the federal government had revised its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the financial year 2018-19 and it also also reduced developmental funds for AJK
from Rs 25 billion to Rs 22 billion.
The provision of net hydel profit would supplement the financial position of AJK government and create
space for the government to spend more on social sector development for the uplift of underdeveloped areas
of Azad Kashmir, he remarked.
The Acting Chief Secretary said that AJK was blessed with a massive hydel power generation potential
and the federal government was looking into possibilities for maximum utilization of water resources for power generation, meeting the country’s ever-growing energy needs.
He said about 93 hydel power generation projects, having capacity to produce 9,255 MW, had been
identified in different parts of AJK, out of which 21 projects with power generation capacity of 2,361.82 MW
were functioning, while 15 projects of 974.86 MW were under progress and 57 different projects
of 5,919.02 MW were in their initial phase.
Besides, the ACS said a number of run of the river projects have also been initiated in collaboration
with private sector in different localities including Patrind 150 MW, Karot 720 MW, Kohala 1126 MW
and Suki Kinari 870 MW.
About the ADB funded road projects, he said that the Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience
Projects (FERRP) worth US $ 220 million was initiated in response of flash floods of 2014 which had destroyed
major roads and link roads.
Dr Asif Hussain said 90 percent work on 10 major roads comprising 204 km were completed by spending
Rs 4,381.02 million as against the contract cost of Rs 5,334.1 million, adding that work on 15 districts
roads consisting 66.1 km were 96 percent completed and spent an amount of Rs386 million.
He said the AJK Government was also planning to establish three tourism corridors to enhance
the revenue of as well as providing livelihood opportunities for skilled and sami skilled labour force.
He said famous hotels and restaurants brands were invited to invest in the sector to exploit the
tourism potential.
About the government efforts for the uplift and welfare of the common man in AJK, he said an education endowment fund worthof Rs 790 million was established to promote the higher education, where as an
amount of Rs 750 million was allocated in collaboration with Akhwat foundation to promote micro-finance
for enhancing the income of the people living in rural areas and promoting cottage industry.

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