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FAISALABAD, Nov 18 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said with the objective to achieve enhanced economic activities and creation of job opportunities, the present government was striving to promote the industrial sector and make it competitive in the region through various incentives.

“As the electricity tariff in Pakistan was 25% higher than India and Bangladesh, the government came up with a package for the industrial sector so as to make it competitive,” he said in a brief chat here with media-persons.

The prime minister said under the electricity relief package for the industries, peak hour billing had been done away with, besides 50% relief in bills on the use of additional electricity.

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Highlighting the importance of industrialization, he said it was the industrial sector, which would help achieve wealth creation, enhance job opportunities and rid the country of heavy debts.

“The country cannot move forward through the export of thread or mangoes alone,” the prime minister remarked.

The present government was focusing on the promotion of industrial sector, which was not taken care of after 1960s by any regime, he added.