Govt still committed to re-introduce 'open balloting' system in elections: Faisal Javed

ISLAMABAD, Mar 3 (APP): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Senator Faisal Javed on Wednesday said the government was still committed to re-introduce “open balloting”‘ for electoral process to bring transparency in the political system of the country.

Talking to PTV news, he said that the opposition parties were trying to win Senate elections through unfair means, but they would miserably fail to do so, adding that the opposition would get a setback in Senate elections.

He said parliamentarians and workers of PTI had an ideological attachment with party and they stood firm with party leadership.

He also urged the opposition parties to support the government in undertaking electoral reforms in the parliament for secure and free fair election process.

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He said Imran Khan had made historic struggle for transparency in elections which will bury the politics of corruption and dishonesty.

Faisal also expressed his confidence that PTI candidate would win Senate polls.