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ISLAMABAD, Apr 22 (APP): Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Senator Shibli Faraz on Thursday said that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), government is desirous to work on judicial, electoral and national accountability bureau (NAB), reforms.

There was a dire need to amend NAB laws to dispose off corruption cases within the stipulated time frame, he said talking to a private television channel.

Voicing concerns over delay in money laundering cases filed against corrupt leaders of PML-N, he said the whole nation had raised eyebrows over delay in corruption cases filed against Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif.

There are bank transactions and TTs of transferring illegal money to other countries, he said adding that such people having corruption charges got bail from the courts.

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He said that getting bail on corruption didn’t mean that PML-N leaders had been exonerated from criminal cases.

He said money laundering and corruption cases are still valid and these leaders of PML-N, would have to face the cases till final decisions.

Replying to a question about roads blocked by defunct organization over an issue of blasphemy, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan was the only leader in Pakistan who presented the case of Muslim Ummah at international forums.

He said we also wanted to address the issue at appropriate forum so that no one could block the roads and business in Pakistan on pretext of strikes.

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To another question, Senator Shibli Faraz said it was unfortunate that people are waiting decisions from the courts till next generation.

He stressed the need for judicial reforms to speed up the process of disposing off the cases in the country.

To a question about progress of ministry of science and technology, he said “We need to have more focus on this ministry to achieve vibrant results.”

About ministry of information, he said it was a tireless job to handle this ministry.