Gov’t committed to resolve industrial sector issues on priority: Sartaj

APP31-04 ISLAMABAD: October 04 Β– Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Sartaj Aziz meeting with delegation from Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries. APP

ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (APP): Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Sartaj
Aziz Wednesday said that the federal government is committed to take up
on priority the problems faced by the local industry and manufacturing
sector in the country.
The government is also taking appropriate measures to boost up
industrial sector in the country, he said while talking to the delegation
of Lahore Chamber and Industry headed by Tahir Javed, President LCCI.
The meeting discussed various proposals to address issues faced by
the local industry in Pakistan.
Sartaj Aziz said that the government had always believed to solve
these issues considering proposals envisaged by and taking on board the stakeholders of the relevant sector.
The Deputy Chairman further maintained that there was a dire need to
promote competitiveness and ensure quality of products following globally acknowledged standards of manufacturing and pricing.
Sartaj Aziz said that for the first time during the last decade the
government brought loadshedding of the industrial sector to zero level.
“The basic purpose behind this initiative was to revive our ailing
industry and boost up industrial production to compete the contemporary world,” he said.
He said that the government was completely aware of the problems
faced by different sectors but at the same time it was responsibility
of our industry to bring innovation to ensure competitive edge to stay
on par with the rest of the world.
The deputy chairman informed the delegation that the government was
taking appropriate measures to increase exports and help the industry to reduce production cost.
Similarly, the government is also focusing on the services sector
which would ultimately result in boosting economic growth rate.
He said special focus on services sector is being paid to increase
economic growth. Value edition in all sectors, including agriculture,
can increase demand for domestic products. He said that focus on productivity, quality, and innovation could bring more value and open
up vista of opportunities for Pakistani industry with increased global
access to our products.
He maintained that the government was planning to establish export
processing zones under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework that would enable right estimation of demand of our products, increase
in industrial products and timely access to the targetted market.
Sartaj Aziz said that modernization of communication, road networks
and railway infrastructure would not only ensure better and fast transportation of industrial products and the raw material but it would
also minimize final cost of the end products.