Google removes 1.75 bln URLs due to copyright infringements

ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (APP): Google has removed 1.75 billion sites from its index due to copyright infringements as per requests lodged by owners of websites.

Around 40 million take down requests were rejected which is 2.1 percent of total requests lodged while another 16 million requests were duplicates.

According to the company, it may temporarily or permanently remove sites from its index and search results if it believes it is obligated to do so by law, if the sites do not meet quality guidelines, or for other reasons, such as if the sites detract from users ability to locate relevant information.

The company takes no action on its own unless owner of the copyrighted content makes an official request.

Once the request is sent, Google processes the request and
take actions accordingly. If the website in question is violating its guidelines, the URL is removed from search results.

All the owners of the URLs in question are notified via
search console.

The owners of the banned websites can login to search
console, add their website URL and verify site ownership which will again be processed.