Ghee manufacturing reduces 3.63%, oil increases 9.35%
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ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP): Domestic production of vegetable ghee decreased by 3.63 percent and cooking oil production increased by 9.35 percent during the month of July, as compared the corresponding month of last year.

During the first month of current financial year about 114,167 metric tons vegetable ghee produced as against 118,463 metric tons of same period of last year.

Meanwhile, domestic production of cooking oil increased by 9.35 percent as about 34,731 tons of edible oil manufactured in month of July, as against the production of 31,762 tons of same month of last year, according the Provisional Quantum Index Numbers of Large Scale Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

In month of July, local production of tea blended decreased by 3.32 percent as about 8,446 tons of tea produced as compared the production of 8,736 tons same month of last year, it added.

During the period under review, wheat and grain milling witnessed 104.24 growth as compared the milling of same period of last year and about 946,021 tons of wheat and grain milled as against 463,192 ton of same period last year.

During the month of July, local production of soft drinks grew by 9.42 percent as about 292,569 thousand litters of above mentioned commodity produced as against 276,376 thousand litters of same month last year.