G-20 states should force India implement UN-Kashmir mandate: Hameed Shaheen Alvi

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MIRPUR (AJK), Jan 28 (APP): Adviser to former Prime Minister of AJK, Hameed Shaheen Alvi here on Saturday appealed to all the member states in G-20 Forum to force India to implement the United Nations Security Coucil’s 1948-49 Kashmir mandate for the democratic solution of the 76-year hanging dispute of Jammu and Kashmir state.

Talking to APP, he said, India is denier of UN rulings over Kashmir dispute and G-20 Forum must take notice of India’s continued disrespect for UN’s Kashmir resolutions.

Commenting on reports India plans to arrange G-20 meets in her militarized part of disputed Jammu and Kashmir state, the Adviser reminded the international community that Kashmir dispute besides being a geo-political imbroglio, was also the destiny-linked issue of 23 millions Kashmiris.

It is unresolved since 1948-49 because of the frozen intransigence of India who herself took Kashmir as a dispute to the UN Security Council on 1st Jan.

1948 and got back UN’s verdict for holding an international plebiscite in Kashmir to decide the geographic status of the region, he said and added, India signed this UN ruling but it is shameful on her part to deny its implementation on ground.

Reports say that India plans to arrange two G-20 May 2023 meetings in Jammu and Kashmir to obtain a semblance of ‘legitimacy’ of military occupation of Kashmir since Oct 27, 1947. G-20 states are urged to help restitute India-seized Kashmiris exisential rights, he added.