Five workers die as Shipbreaking catches fire in Gadani

LASBELA, Nov 01 (APP): At least 11 laborers were killed and 58 injured
as a ship caught fire due to explosions in oil tanker of the ship at Gadani Ship Breaking Yard, on Tuesday.

The district management officials confirmed that 11 laborers have died
and 58 injured when they were engulfed by fire flames after explosion occurred in the oil tanker of the ship during gas welding work to break up the tanker.

“Gas cylinder blast took place in the oil tanker when the laborers were
engaged to dismantle the old ship which was brought at Gadani Ship Breaking Yard to dismantle it,” Balochistan Home Secretary, Akbar Harifal said.

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Medical Officer, Gadani hospital, Dr. Younas Baloch said that earlier,
injured were brought to Gadani hospital and they were given emergency first aid. “Later, the injured were transported to Karachi due to their critical condition.

The police said that over 100 people were working on old ship to
dismantle it which was brought at Gadani Ship Breaking Yard from open sea.

“Around eight gas cylinder blasts took place inside oil tanker of the
ship, due to which huge fire erupted which engulfed laborers engaged in work on the ship,” police sources said.

The rescue teams rushed to the scene and launched rescue and relief
operation. According to doctors, condition of some injured was serious.

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The police have been investigating into the incident. Further probe was