Foreign Secy stresses int’l community’s engagement with Afghanistan to avert humanitarian crisis

ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (APP): Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood on Wednesday stressed that the international community must remain positively engaged with Afghanistan to avoid humanitarian crisis and preclude mass exodus.

The foreign secretary expressed these views as he received NATO delegation led by Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo, Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan.

The Foreign Secretary shared Pakistan’s perspective on the latest developments in the region and stressed the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

The Foreign Secretary also highlighted Pakistan’s facilitative role in the evacuation of the diplomatic personnel and staff of the embassies and international organizations from Afghanistan.

Ambassador Pontecorvo thanked the Government of Pakistan for the assistance extended to the NATO allies in their evacuation endeavors.

The visit of the NATO delegation is part of the outreach to Pakistan. Pakistan values its relations with NATO, which are based on shared interests of peace and stability in the region.

Foreign Secy stresses int'l community's engagement with Afghanistan to avert humanitarian crisis