ISLAMABAD, Jun 20 (APP):Foreign Minister Makdhoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has felicitated the President-elect of UN 75th session Volkan BOZKIR and said that it reflected the trust and confidence of the international community they reposed in him to lead the General Assembly at this time of unprecedented global health and economic challenges.

On his twitter account, the foreign minister Saturday tweeted about his letter addressed to the president-elect. Volkan Bozkir had earlier in the day tagged the letter with his comments on his twitter account.

“The Covid 19 pandemic is far from over and its full human and socio-economic toll is yet to be seen. Impending economic recession is threatening to hamper our push to achieve Sustainable Development Goals for all.

On the peace and security front, protracted unresolved conflicts are giving way to humanitarian catastrophes and the situation is particularly grave for people living under foreign occupation.

The planet continues to heat up, with progress on negotiations to check this rise in global temperature slowing down. Challenges such as xenophobia and Islamophobia are confronting the entire humanity,” the foreign minister said while enumerating the vital challenges the international community was facing.

The foreign minister further stressed that at the UN, endemic trust deficit on vitality of our response to global challenges has eroded the spirit of cooperation and unilateralism.

“The UN organs, like the Security Council, need reform to make them more representative, democratic, effective, legitimate and accountable to general membership,” he noted.

The minister further said that the General Assembly, a true parliament of mankind anchored on the immutable principle of sovereign equality that he would lead in its landmark 75th session, was also in need of impetus to revive its efficacy a and prestige.

About deep ties between Pakistan and Turkey, the foreign minister further said that these fraternal ties based on exceptional mutual trust were cherished from the level of leadership to that of a common man.

“This friendship also translates into remarkable level of cooperation at the United Nations,” he added.