‘First ever Burn & Trauma Center’ in Peshawar starts functioning

ISLAMABAD, Dec 12 (APP):In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa , long-awaited the first ever ‘Burn and Trauma Center’ has started functioning with 120-beds and 300 trained staff , where latest treatment facilities would be ensured for the patients.

Head of Plastic Surgery Department and Director In-charge of Burns and Trauma Centre Prof Dr Tahir Khan, , speaking to private news channel said ,this newly opened burn center in Peshawar (KPK) will provide treatment to victims of bomb blasts, burnt and other seriously injured persons.
Prof Tahir said that the 120-bed centre was the first of its kind in Pakistan to have six major and two minor operation theatres, 14-bed intensive care unit, 50-bed ward for patients with fresh burn injuries that would be equipped with all facilities required for them.
“A modern system for burn injuries is fully functional and being overseen by highly qualified plastic surgeons and academics,” he continued.
“The pediatric ward also provided state-of-the-art facilities to children,” he commented.
He said the first burn unit of the province was established and catered to a large number of patients coming from far flung areas and Afghanistan.
He explained , hundreds of people have died as no facilities were available in Peshawar city to treat burn victims. This is the worst example of negligence on part of the previous governments,” he said.
Dr Tahir said , the primary focus of the center is to use modern plastic surgery services that correct dysfunction and deformities related to burn injury.
He said senior plastic surgeons, who are also in the hospital and has a wide experience in the country and abroad, is a key persons behind the project.
Specialists including physicians, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, a dietitian, pharmacists, a social worker, psychologists and pastoral counselors work as a multidisciplinary team.
The team meets regularly to discuss the cases of individual patients, and formulate a care plan for each patient.
Modern operation theaters, emergency treatment facility, intensive-care unit and a 24-hour clinical laboratory facilities were available for patients at the centre free of charge, he said.
He reiterated that provision of quality healthcare facilities to the people is his mission and every possible resource are being utilized to achieve this goal.