First Constituent Assembly’s diamond Jubilee celebrations to commence from Wednesday

IPU regional seminar in Islamabad on Sept 13

ISLAMABAD, Aug 9 (APP): A packed programme of five day events has been finalized to celebrate the diamond jubilee celebrations of the first Constituent Assembly in a befitting manner.

The diamond jubilee celebrations were meant to highlight the services of all Parliamentarians in furthering the cause of democracy and its values in the country.

The celebrations were also aim to underscore the importance of parliamentary achievements during these 75 years of evolution of Parliamentary system and enlighten young generation regarding Parliamentary system of the country and significance of legislatures for evolving National unity, harmony and co-existence.

The celebrations would commence on August 10, 2022 with inauguration of 3-day Photographs Exhibition themed “Tarjuman-i-mazi shan-i-Hal”.

Likewise, another 3-Day Art and Painting Exhibition with the theme “Pak Sarzamin shad Baad” and yet other 3-day Book Exhibition with theme “Qaum, Mulk, Saltanat” would be held.

Besides, video of Historic Speeches of Parliamentarians from all political parties with the theme “Tarjuman-i-mazi shan-i-Hal” would be displayed in the premises of the Parliament House. The history of Parliament and struggle of Parliamentarians for supremacy of Constitution and Parliament would be portrayed and reflected in these exhibitions.

The Minorities Convention would be held on August 11, 2022, on the eve of International Day for Minorities to acknowledge the services of minorities towards the progress and development of the country.

The representatives of all religious minorities, including the current and former parliamentarians from the Federal and Provincial Assemblies of the country, have been invited for the Convention.

August 11, carries a unique significance in Parliamentary history of Pakistan since the Inaugural Session of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held on those days before the transfer of power from the British rule to newly independent Pakistan from August 11 to August 14 1947. The theme of the celebration was “Mera- Parliman-Rahbar-i-Taraqqi-o-Kamal.”

The Minorities Convention would be followed by a Convention of Women Parliamentarians with the theme ” Markaz-e- Yaqeen Shaad Baad’. On August 12, 2022, a Convention of Youth/Children themed “Azm-i-ali shan,” aiming to highlight the contributions of women, youth and their potential for harnessing the bright future of the country.

The children under 14 years of age not only from the prominent public and private institutions but the children from orphanages as well as street children have also been especially invited as they would be on the helm of affairs in the future of the country.

A mega Parliamentary Convention will also be held in the evening of August 13, 2022 which would continue till midnight.

This Special Session would be themed as “Sayah-yi-Khuda-yi-Zul-Jalal.” This Convention will signify the importance of continuity of the democracy and democratic system in the country.

Sitting and former parliamentarians will attend the Session. In order to acknowledge the services of noted and renowned Parliamentarians, Diamond Jubilee Memorial Medals “Parliament-at 75” will be conferred to the prominent Parliamentarians of the country.

Apart from illumination of the Parliament House Building, Fireworks have also been arranged on this occasion.

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