ISLAMABAD, Nov 7 (APP): Prime Minister’s Spokesman Dr. Musadik Malik
Saturday said the share of federal government for K-4 drinking water
project must be given to the Sindh Government.
Talking to a news channel he said, if the federal government had
announced to support the K-4 drinking water project, then the promise must
be fulfilled at all cost.
The funds are released according to the pace of work
on a project, he said adding, the funds for the project were given to
Sindh government and would also be released but the pace of work on the
project is slow.
The spokesman said, the issue would be solved within few days.
He further said, similarly, Green Line Rapid Transit System project
was a gift of federal government for Sindh government but, so far, no
considerable progress could be made by the Sindh government on the project.
Adequate funds would be released for the project if the pace of work is
enhanced, he added.