Fazl seeks swift action against Imran, accomplices in foreign funding case

Fazl seeks swift action against Imran, accomplices in foreign funding case

ISLAMABAD, Aug 3 (APP): Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman Wednesday said former Prime Minister Imran Khan had been indicted in foreign funding case and now it was time to take practical steps against him as per law and the constitution.

Addressing the press conference, followed by a meeting of the PDM leadership at the Prime Minister’s House, he said Imran Khan was not an accused but a convicted as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had been declared as foreign aided party.

It had been proved that the PTI had received foreign funds and in the light of Election Commission’s decision, Imran Khan was no more honest and truthful but he had become a liar and dishonest, he added.

He said Imran Khan had been consistently speaking lie before the Election Commission and he was kept on changing his stances with the passage of time.

He observed Imran Khan used to do ideal talks but when he entered into the corridors of power, he proved himself the worst ruler of the country.

He said Imran Khan submitted fake affidavits, certificates and declarations in the Election Commission which was the clear cut violation of the constitution.

The Supreme Court and Election Commission had disqualified a couple of people on the same grounds, he maintained.

He said Imran Khan through foreign funding achieved the government and now it was national responsibility of every person to stand united with this decision for the security and sovereignty of the state as he was planted and working on foreign agenda in the country.

Fazl said Imran Khan had received prohibited funds in millions of dollars from foreign companies to meet their nefarious designs in Pakistan.

Imran Khan was illegally funded by 351 foreign companies and 34 foreign nationals, he said adding the PTI had also hidden 16 bank accounts from the Election Commission.

He said Imran Khan had been provided funds by the people of Israel, India, America, Canada, Denmark, Finland and many more other countries.

The ideology of Pakistan being protected by the Constitution was at the target of the following countries, he claimed.

He said Imran Khan was building pressure on Election Commission through various political jargons in a bid to get relief in the foreign funding case but the Election Commission had announced its decision without any fear being within the ambit of the constitution.

He said it was the calculation of 2013, now, one could imagine how much embezzlement, Imran Khan had made since then, and he should be made accountable for that as well.

Fazl said the PDM was not petitioner against Imran Khan in the following case but a dissident founder member Akbar S Babar who belonged to his own party was in litigation against him.

He said the whole investigation was made during Imran Khan’s own regime and institutions concerned including Security Committee and State Bank provided the proofs to the Election Commission in the case.

It had nothing to do with politics as it was done by the national institutions on the basis of facts and figures, he added.

He said Akbar S Babar had also reported to the PTI chief about all this illegal business before initiating legal proceedings but Imran Khan did not pay any heed towards it.

Now it was big sin to give lame excuses before the nation that he had no idea about it.

However, all bank accounts were opened with the signature of Imran Khan as per record, he added.

He said the State Bank had provided evidence to the Election Commission after collecting information from all the financial institutions.

He said all coalition partners were agreed on that the government should take a swift action against all those culprits involved in this unholy business without any further delay.

He said it was disgraceful that Imran Khan was trying to blame those companions who had gone from this world once for all.

He sought resignations of Imran Khan from the party position and Dr Arif Alvi from the presidency besides arresting the PTI leaders.

He further said there were four family servants of Imran Khan allegedly involved in the following illegitimate transactions should be probed thoroughly.

Fazl said during today’s meeting, the government and its allies had agreed that the matter of state’s security was the utmost priority and stressed that all the institutions and powers should work as one to protect the country.

Such criminal elements should be uprooted from the country’s history and be made an example for the upcoming generations, he added.

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