Fawad fears escalation of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Fawad fears escalation of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
Fawad fears escalation of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Dec 08 (APP):Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Wednesday that with each passing day the human tragedy in Afghanistan was increasing.

Addressing a function organized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia here, he said that the people of Afghanistan were facing the worst humanitarian crisis in cold weather.

“The OIC Foreign Ministers Conference on December 19 will focus on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan,” said Chaudhry Fawad.

He said Pakistan was trying to form a mechanism with Saudi Arabia and other brotherly countries to help the people of the war torn country.

Pakistan was providing all possible assistance to Afghanistan, he said adding that “We are providing 250,000 metric tons of wheat to Afghanistan”.

Pakistan, he said has abolished duty on 40 items imported from Afghanistan and this move will help Afghan businessmen to stand on their own feet.

The OIC Foreign Ministers’ meeting would be a primarily non-political meeting focusing solely on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, he said.

“We want the world to come together to help Afghanistan, otherwise the crisis in Afghanistan could escalate,” the minister maintained.

He said in its report last month, The Economist mentioned the human tragedy inside Afghanistan could be bigger than Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

In such a situation, the world should focus on helping the people of Afghanistan, said Chaudhry Fawad.

He said talk about politics could be held later, but there could not delay talking about human tragedy in Afghanistan.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has always spoken of peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan government was striving for peace there.

He said that OIC Foreign Ministers Conference will be Pakistan’s largest foreign affairs event since 1980, the minister disclosed.
Foreign ministers from 27 countries will attend the OIC Foreign Ministers Conference, while 84 countries will be represented, he said.
“Our fraternal relations with Saudi Arabia date back to before the formation of Pakistan,” said Fawad Hussain.
He said that when King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia came to Karachi in 1946, he was received by the leadership of All India Muslim League, Chaudhry Fawad said.