Pakistan highlighted Kashmir issue at all important forums: Fatemi

ISLAMABAD, Oct 18 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi has called upon the international community to reject the Indian government’s ridiculous claim over Kashmir as its integral part.

The Special Assistant, currently leading Pakistan’s delegation to the 43rd Session of the OIC Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, while characterizing this claim as “ridiculous” pointed out that the Jammu and Kashmir dispute was recognized by the United Nations as an international dispute between two sovereign member-states.

He called upon the Muslim Ummah to continue its support for the Kashmiris in their just struggle for the right of self-determination.

Tariq Fatemi strongly condemned the reign of state terrorism let loose by India in the occupied territory of Jammu & Kashmir and characterized it as a shame to humanity.

He called for fair, independent and transparent inquiry into the grave human rights violations by the Indian security forces in the occupied territory.

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Fatemi also condemned the stated intent of India to use water as a weapon against the people of Pakistan, in flagrant violation of its international treaty obligations.

He charged that such an action could only be contemplated by an irresponsible state, adding that India was pursuing the policy of destabilization and state terrorism in a neighbouring country.

“The people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are being subjugated to atrocities and are being terrorized for demanding their fundamental human rights, especially the right to self determination, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions,” he added.

The Special Assistant also expressed Pakistan’s strong support for the right of the Palestinians to self-determination in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

“We firmly believe that the long festering tragedy of Palestine demands determined action by the international community,” he added.

Fatemi said for the peace and prosperity of the people, they must revive the glorious tradition of instruction and knowledge creation.

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“We must also strive to counter the scourge of militancy and terrorism, that have nothing to do with Islam – a religion of peace and tolerance,” he added.

He said Pakistan’s military operation Zarb-e-Azb and the National Action Plan had been most successful in eliminating thousands of terrorists and their networks.

“I assure you of Pakistan’s sincerest cooperation with all countries in the achievement of this noble endeavor,” a press release quoted him as saying.

Fatemi further demanded an end to violence and return of peace and stability in Syria. “We support unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen,” he said, adding Pakistan desired lasting peace in Afghanistan, which it believed could be achieved through a politically negotiated settlement.

Pakistan would continue facilitating peace talks through the framework of the QCG, he added.